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Building Momentum That Lasts

1:1 Development • Team Growth • Organizational Wellness • Executive Guidance • HR Strategy • Fractional HR Management • Employee Coaching • Conflict Mediation • Culture Assessment + Development • Leadership Training • And More...

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The Problems We Solve

80% of U.S. workers say they experience stress on the job. (American Institute of Stress)


6 out of 10 U.S. workers are quietly quitting. (Gallups’ State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report)

The No. 1 Employee Benefit that is underutilized is Great Leadership. People leave managers, not companies. 


The cost of replacing an employee can be almost 2 times the employee's annual salary. (Gallup's State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report)

90% of startups fail.  Founders, wear multiple hats at once, including HR and inevitably hiring, onboarding, employee wellness, and company culture wind up at the bottom of the priority list. #nojudgement #heretohelp (US Bureau of Labor StatisticsSmall Business Trends)

The Average Workplace is Not Doing Well

Nearly two-thirds of US-based employees we surveyed said that COVID-19 has caused them to reflect on their purpose in life. And nearly half said that they are reconsidering the kind of work they do because of the pandemic.
McKinsey Survey, 2022

Why Partner With Us?

We *GET* the Challenge...


Former C-Suite Members

Both Alison and Susan have spent the majority of their careers at senior levels in both HR and Marketing - on a global scale. We've been in your seat.


Neuroscience-Based Change

Our coaching and facilitation focuses on reprogramming the limbic system's 'fight or flight' response using actionable - and measurable - tools.


Highly Customized Solutions

Every client receives a truly customized solution to help their team or organization grow, perform and achieve what matters most.


Proven Track Record

We have had success with companies just like yours. Scroll down for testimonials - and reach out for your free 1:1 to see how we can support you!

Meet Your Team

Alison Egeberg

  • Former CHRO of a Global AdTech Company

  • Former Director of Leadership & Org. Development

  • 15 Years of Hands on Leadership Experience

  • Certified Limbic Leadership Coach

  • Certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach

  • Active Board Member


Having sat in the C-Suite chair of a dynamic, fast paced global Tech company and led a global team in a large MedTech company,I have experienced the many competing demands of day-to-day work that you are facing. I have figured out how to be both successful and fulfilled. I am on a mission to help others do the same.


Top Values: Connection, Caring, Energy & Fun

Top Strengths: Strategy, Maximizer, Arranger, Positivity

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Susan Sjolund

  • Former CMO at Wired’s Top 100 startups in Europe

  • 15 years of Leadership spanning several countries

  • ICF-accredited coach

  • CPCC qualification from the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI)


My career as a marketing and public relations executive has spanned the globe in the pursuit of driving people and companies to perform at their highest levels. I have participated in two startup acquisitions in the MedTech space, influenced the governments of Malaysia and Sweden to adopt guidelines to accelerate entrepreneurship and startup growth and - toughest job yet - survived the first years as mom to twin boys.


Top Values: Freedom, Joy, Community, Kindness & Fun

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The workshop you ran with our leadership team was powerful, effective and everyone walked away feeling more motivated and equipped to perform their leadership roles. The exercises brought us closer & helped us build trust “across the coasts.”
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