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 The Mormentum Collective

The Path Leaders are Taking to
Cultivate Calm, Connection & Confidence

Committed to empowering women's growth, we present our Collective:

1: Build YOUR Board of Personal Advisors:

  • Connect, learn, and benefit from a close-knit peer advisory group of 4-6 women facing similar challenges.

  • Participate in 8 collective workshops for an opportunity to share experiences, insights, and strategies.

2. Achieve YOUR Goals 

  • Our neuroscience-backed programming will help you get clear on your most important goals (personally and professionally) and step by step help you achieve them. 

  • Our certified coaches will hold you accountable.

3. Become the CEO of Your life

  • Get clear on who you ARE: your strengths, unique qualities, values, and purpose.

  • With that clarity, you will become the master at managing your energy and your priorities.


Join us if: 

  • You want to grow (your leadership, your business, your team), but you want to do it authentically and with purpose.

  • You want to redefine success in both your professional and personal life (yes, it's possible!).

  • You want to become a master at managing your energy.

  • You are ambitious and have a persistent drive for perfection, which sometimes makes you feel exhausted. (This exhaustion probably extends to your team and family as well...)

  • You have trouble setting appropriate boundaries, which means you are overcommitted and always feel “rushed” or amid chaos.

  • You never get away from work (work at home, work at are always on).

  • You have trouble living in the moment and spend too much time “scrolling”.

  • You sometimes lack confidence (in how you parent, in how you lead, in your decisions).

Nothing will change in your life unless you change it. Schedule a call with us to explore the specifics, gain further insights, and see if it's a mutually beneficial fit!

Why Join the Mormentum Collective?

Modern Office

8 Curated Coaching


You will be expertly guided in our regular group coaching sessions where you will connect with others - community is at the heart of everything we do.


You will have the opportunity to share obstacles and strategies and celebrate successes.



12 Months Access to our Community Learning Platform

We will guide you through a step by step self-paced learning journey.


Think short videos,  exercises & reflections that help you make lasting change.


This program has helped over 40,000 people - and we promise it will help you too!

Led by a

Certified Coach

You will be supported and coached by a highly-respected coach who has sat in your chair before.


Our clients describe us as "creating a safe space" and "non judgmental" and "transformational". Read more here.

You will get to know us - and we will know you - personally!

So many


An audit that pinpoints the exact areas that you need to develop in order to achieve what matters most to you. 


Life-changing microchallenges that help you step by step regain control of your life. 

Access to mediations to help calm your nervous system.

Next Mormentum Collective Waitlist Opens

February 1, 2024

I feel such a difference in my mindset. I finally feel like me again. I now handle difficult situations at work with ease and much more energy than before. This program is a game changer.
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